The truth about great white sharks


Do great white sharks hunt humans? Can a great white eat a boat? Are great white sharks cold-blooded killers?
Take a trip to the ocean’s depth to learn the truth about these infamous creatures. From the most current information on their swimming habits and ancient ancestors to details about their conveyor belt of teeth, armored skin and super senses, kids will be fascinated by these amazing creatures. Special sidebars offer extra information on what it’s like to dive in a shark cage, how to measure a great white, and its different nicknames around the world. Over 50 full-color photographs including a gigantic shark gatefold bring the informative text alive and will thrill budding marine biologists.

書名:The truth about great white sharks
作者:Mary M. Cerullo
繪者:Jeffrey L. Rotman
出版社:Chronicle Books
適合學年:小學 4-6 年級
主題:English Books