Double Trouble


In Really, Really, strong-willed Daisy has the kind of babysitting experience every child dreams about. When Angela babysits for the first time, Daisy eats up her mum’s note and tells her that she usually has ice-cream and chips for tea, never has a bath before bed, and always stays up watching videos till midnight! Will Angela believe her? And what will happen when Mum comes home?

In You Do!, Daisy turns the tables on her mum with hilarious results! Each time Mum tries to reprimand Daisy for a bad habit, Daisy has an example of when Mum did it too. Mum tells her: ‘Don’t pick your nose!” “You do!’ says Daisy, pointing out the time Mum was picking her nose on the way to Gran’s. Find out how Mum finally stops Daisy saying “You do!”

Includes eight pages of brilliant activities! Match the naughty things that both Mum and Daisy do, plus counting, dot-to-dot and spot the difference fun with Daisy.

書名:Double Trouble
作者:Kes Gray
繪者:Nick Sharratt
出版社:Red Fox Picture Books
適合學年:小學 1-3 年級 · 小學 4-6 年級
主題:English Books · 親子關係